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You wouldn’t want to try and climb Mount Everest without a guide would you? Well, the modern world of music is one of the biggest mountains there are, and Omniclef is here to guide you to the summit. Our job is to show you the easiest and quickest path, and keep you away from the pitfalls.

One of the biggest areas we can help guide an artist through is the concept and process of publishing. As an affiliated BMI publishing company, we can provide you with education and guidance in this all important area of music success.

But here is the key. Publishing in and of itself does not guarantee you get exposed, that’s more of function of your marketing efforts. What publishing does is ensure that if and when you get played, royalties will be paid. If you promote unpublished music and it gets played on a radio station, TV show or wherever, you will not get paid your royalties. Publishing means you get paid while you sleep.

So you can see how really important publishing is, and why you need to focus on it. Yes, it’s not the glamorous part of music, like writing a new tune or getting up on stage, but it is essential to your success. And with our help, you will master it.